National key high-tech enterprise specialized in R&D, production and sales of high performance permanent magnetic materials
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Our Name's Implication: Blessed by heaven, geographically rich resources, excellent collaboration through team work.

Company Logo: The Company logo is composed of red and blue horseshoes which denote NdFeB magnets.  The Chinese characters "天和磁材" and the corresponding English "TIANHE MAGNETICS" are at the right side. It is a registered trademark of Tianhe Magnetics.

Our Mission: Magnetizing A Clean World 

The Explanation of Our Mission: To create great value to our customers, we will consistently produce high energy magnetic materials to enable products that foster a global clean environment and mobile convenience.

Our Vision: To Be An Innovation Leader In Permanent Magnetic Materials Industry

The Explanation of Our Vision: To be a leading supplier and global leader in the R&D of high performance permanent magnets.

Our Values(SDIIR): Safety, Dedication, Innovation, Integrity, Responsibility 

The Explanation of Our Values: The safety is considered our leading core value, to be safe, healthy & environmental friendly, be dedicated in our work,to provide innovation to our customers and treasure our integrity and responsibility with our employees, our customers and our community.



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